Enter the Matrix...

Hey there! I thought I'd share my latest adventures in the world of design, this week has been all about 3D! It's safe to say I'm officially addicted, it reminds me of playing The Sims when I was a computer nerd teenager. 

Here's a sneak peak of the 3D model I've made of The Warehouse in Leamington Spa, comparing viewpoints from my desk. 


As well as 3D I've been getting stuck into some blind designs for The Warehouse... 16 pens later -  1 and a half blinds are done, just 2 and a half to go! 

On a final note, I've got some work going up in a few shows around the Custard Factory in the lead up to Christmas, so keep an eye out for that if you're around Digbeth (more details to come!). I'm also going to be doing some live drawing at the City of Colours Winter Jam on the 5th December at the Old Crown to help raise some funds for the main festival; it will be good vibes, good music, good people and good booze. 

See you there! 

And remember... x