Dead Pixels x Digbeth Dining Club

If you're from Birmingham, I'm sure you will have heard of Dead Pixels, a retro gaming night run by the ever enthusiastic Wezism. It transforms pubs and clubs into make-shift arcades featuring all your favourite childhood games, including Mario Karts, Streetfighter, Tekken and my personal favourite - Duck Hunt. 

Last night, Dead Pixels met Digbeth Dining Club for a street food/gaming mash up - and people came down in their droves. Wezism invited myself, along with 8 other artists including: Hoasker, Mose 78, Roots and Craig Earp to do some live drawing. The theme - end of level bosses. 

It was the battle of the Dr Robotniks for Mose and I, while Roots chose Bowser from Mario Karts. A few drinks in and it's fair to say the painting got messy, but a good night was had by all, particularly Dawn who managed to try food from every street food vendor - on the 8th of April my true love game to me, 3 Gin & Tonics, 2 shots of Brandy and a pidgeon in a toastie! 

Tra la la la - Until next time! x