August Updates

Hello all. I am so bad at blogging, I just post loads of pictures. So I'm just going to go ahead and carry on with that tradition.

Firstly, I sadly had to say goodbye to my infamous one-eared, pal this month. My own small way of keeping her memory alive is making her into a sticker. Now Lucky the cat can see the world (haha!), so keep an eye out for this one, coming to a street near you soon; and please do drop me a message if you would like me to post out some Lucky heads to you!

I had a much needed few days off work this weekend to chill and catch up on some drawing. I decided to dust off my camera and have a walk around my beloved Birmingham in the sunshine, here's two of my favourite shots. I love all of the bonkers architecture mixed in with the traditional cobbled streets in the Jewellery Quarter. Oh Birmingham, I love you! 


So there you have it, my monthly attempt at trying to sound interesting/posting photos. 

See you next month! ;-)

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