Winner winner chicken dinner

The results are in, and I'm chuffed to say I have added three more pencils to my collection... And one of them is white!


The brief: create a new digital money service to help people left behind by traditional banking.

The solution: Land grabbing is a worldwide issue. Every second, an area of land the size of a football pitch is stolen from communities. This isn’t just illegal, it’s immoral. Global corporations are leaving families without homes, in order to evade tax.

YETU, which translates as ‘Ours’, is a new cryptocurrency which adds proof of fair land ownership to an encrypted digital land registry every time a purchase is made. This makes it impossible for corrupt banks and governments to forge land ownership certificates, protecting the land now and for future generations.


Creative team: Megan Egan, Jonothan Hunt

Hellmann's White

The brief: Reduce food waste using a service, publication or device.

The solution: 40% of the food produced in India is wasted. Just 4% is transported in refrigerated trucks. The rest travels unrefrigerated and perishes in the sweltering heat.

By painting India’s food trucks Hellmann’s White (for the price of 12 jars of mayonnaise), we can reduce their internal temperature by 15%, saving truckloads of food.

Not only do we massively reduce food waste, allowing more food to reach the country’s 190 million starving people, we spread Hellmann’s name all over the world.

Because India’s just the start... 

Art Director: Megan Egan
Copywriters: Nick Stanley, Poppy Cumming-Spain